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I am Raghava Maitreya.

Currently, I am teaching The Magic of Devotion to the people interested in transforming their lifestyle & future.

`Why are you behind this ancient method of all the hundred and eight you could have chosen’, asked a friend.

Because this is the time-tested cure for all human sufferings. Because human suffering hurts me the most. And I have experimented with this method since my childhood. And I know the nuts and bolts of this method. And this is the simplest lifestyle spiritual method ever discovered by the humanity.

In three steps, it transforms your whole life and puts into a forward-running success-to-success motion.

You can read more about how devotion can make your life magical – here.

Other than this, I give Online Coaching service to individuals and businesses. Read about it here.

Also, I write for The Guide on Medium. I also write in Kannada.

Know more about me here.

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